Edibles have come a long way since you tried to make your own canna-butter in your college apartment kitchen. The curated selection of marijuana-infused edibles available in our store offers a wide range of effects and flavors. Learn more about our favorites below!

1906 New Highs

1906 is different because they are a high-functioning, fast acting, experience-based edible line. The delicious chocolate edibles are made to help you get life stuff done. Every edible is infused with single-strain cannabis, CBD and plant based medicines from around the world that help guide the experience to your desired effect.

1906 GO

The GO chocolates are the ultimate performance enhancer. Take it before a long hike, before cleaning the house, or while gardening to help promote energy and alertness.

1906 Midnight

A highly targeted blend of sleep-inducing plant medicines and relaxing cannabis to promote deeper and more restful sleep. Great for insomniacs, stress-cases, frequent travelers, or people who need to wake up fresh and not groggy after a great night of sleep.

1906 Pause

These relaxing chocolates are known as the equivalent to a night cap. It is made from a single-strain indica and natural herbs that have shown to relieve stress and soothe the mind. 

1906 Infused Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

We also carry two varieties of 1906 infused chocolate-covered coffee beans: High Love, an aphrodisiac, and the Go as described above. 

1906 Bliss

These chocolate peanut butter cups are better known as “Sunshine in a cup.” Great for social anxiety, rainy days, sunny days, parties, or being the most amazingly magnetic person in the room.

Coda Signature

Known as the Godiva bars of edibles, Coda Signature products are as delicious as they are potent. We love that all of their chocolate is ethically sourced – each cacao bean can be traced back to the source in South America. They also extract the cannabis oil using CO2, so you know only the best ingredients go into each bite.

Image of chocolates

Chocolate Truffles

As we roll into the fall season, the truffles make a wonderful gift at a dinner party or holiday gathering. Pair the peanut butter and jam Serenade truffle collection with fresh raspberries for an indulgent treat.

Image of chocolate bars

Chocolate Bars

  • Coffee & Doughnuts – drop a square in your after dinner coffee for a wonderful way to end a meal.
  • Crème & Crumble – melt a few squares and drizzle them over pound cake!

Stratos Tablets

In every Stratos tablet, the cannabis extract can be traced back to the individual plant. They are made of pure cannabis oil – no caffeine, no B-12, no melatonin. We love these fast-acting (about 15 minute onset time) tablets because they are all sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan, holding true to the single-origin product. You know you’ll experience the same effect every time. Stratos offers tablets in sativa, hybrid, and indica dominances. The Energy tablets are perfect hiking, exploring, or going to a show. Try a Relax tablet for a movie marathon or just hanging out. Get restorative sleep with a Sleep tablet. We also carry their 15:1 CBD:THC tablets for those who want the healing properties of CBD with limited psychoactive effects.

Robhots Gummies

A small, family-owned business of about 10 employees out of Colorado Springs, Robhots are a gummy company – and only a gummy company. “We really put a focus on our gummies to deliver the best tasting, most consistent, and most effective edibles out there,” says founder and CMO Zach Romey. “It means the world to have support from the community.” Every pack of gummies consists of multiple flavors (with one exception), so offering plenty of flavor varieties. All the gummies are straight active THC distillate, providing a clearheaded high as opposed to an energetic sativa high or a lethargic indica high. This allows the gummies to be perfect for a wide range of activities – we’ve found they’re great for creating your own outdoor adventures!

Photo of blue gummy edibles
At Silverpeak Apothecary, we carefully select each product that we sell to ensure they meet our stringent standards for quality, taste, and effects. Visit our flagship store in Aspen to find your favorite edible and live the Silverpeak lifestyle!