Strain HIGHlight: Durban Poison

I Bless the Strains Down in Africa

Durban Poison is a stimulating sativa with a notable citrusy terpene scent. Its hefty, dense buds are green, potent, and feature large trichomes. Durban Poison originally hails from South Africa, where it developed as a landrace strain. Landraces are cannabis strains that have been cultivated in their natural environment without crossbreeding, and are considered to be “pure”. It was first featured in High Times in the 1970’s.

Strain HIGHlight: Durban Poison

How does it feel and taste?

Durban Poison delivers a stimulating, active sensation for most users. It’s one of the reliably stronger strains, with 19.8% – 30.6% THC. The clear, wakeful effects of this classic sativa make it a social strain – perfect for hiking with friends, enjoying the great outdoors, and tackling the weekend like the warrior you are. While individual effects may vary, some users also find Durban Poison to act as an appetite suppressant.

Silverpeak offers Durban Poison flower by weight. We grow it year-round in our state-of-the-art grow facility at High Valley Farms near Aspen, Colorado. Nurtured by clear, cold mountain water and 300 days of sunshine per year, the care of our growers and quality of the inputs highlight the purity and history of this strain.

Where can I find it?

Most of the shops that carry Silverpeak products will have our Durban Poison flower.