Strain HIGHlight: Durban Poison

The perfect strain to kick-start your day. Isn’t she beautiful?

Go with the Flo

If you are looking for a sativa that is energizing and uplifting, look no further than Flo. The purple nugs are often coated in resin and heavily sprinkled with trichomes. This strain is perfect for a long, introspective hike through the colorful aspen trees that illuminate the hillsides this time of year. Its lineage is Afghani (I) x Purple Thai (S), making it a nice and mellow sativa. Clear your mind and appreciate your surroundings with Flo! 

Strain HIGHlight: Durban Poison

How does it feel and taste?

Flo is best known for its strong sweet taste and aroma with a piney finish. The terpene profile predominantly consists of limonene (citrus) and myrcene (earthy), both of which contribute to the uplifting, happy effects. (Want to know more about terpenes and how they contribute to your high? Check out our ultimate terpene guide! 

Most consumers report feeling bubbly and chatty after a few hits of Flo, with a focused head-high and very mellow body high. It is perfect for finding clarity and focusing on the task at hand. Its lower THC content makes Flo a great option to smoke consistently throughout the day, especially for those who typically prefer the calming effects of indicas. If you want a slight buzz but still need to get things done, Flo is the strain for you. It is also a great option for people new to cannabis who want a more tempered experience.

Where can I find this strain?

Flo is one of our seasonal strains, so be sure to call one of your favorite Silverpeak Partners or our Silverpeak Apothecary in Aspen to check if it is in stock. It goes fast, so stay up-to-date on our freshest strain harvests by signing up for our Customer Newsletter!