From seed to sensation.

Through our pioneering spirit, our mission is to redefine how cannabis is viewed,
and provide a quality cannabis experience for people across the world.
Our success will be determined by the strength of our people
and the relationship with our customers.

Company values

We’re all in this together.

We all bring something to the table. You, us, everyone.

At Silverpeak, we strive to to be more than just product suppliers to our customers. Our goal is to be the embodiment of our slogan, “We’re all in this together.” Based on that belief, we see our role as being co-participants in the celebration of culture. In addition to being valued for bringing finely crafted cannabis products to the table, we also strive for uplifting our customers and elevating their wellbeing and joy. To that end, these values have become the cornerstones of our success:

Silverpeak Farm

A grower’s utopia.

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Striving to be the best.

When you’re the best at what you do, work is a joy.

When you love your job and are proud of your work, your enthusiasm and pride are reflected in everything you do. Have you ever shopped at a business where you could tell the employees love their jobs? Their job satisfaction overflows into the shopping experience and creates a fun, professional, enlightening environment for customers. For that reason, we strive to create a culture worthy of a championship team, where each member strives to be the best in the world.

Social responsibility

Teaching respect

for the plant.

Silverpeak was founded on the belief that our culture can benefit greatly by taking a socially responsible approach to cannabis. In that spirit, Silverpeak founder, Jordan Lewis inspired the launch of the Valley Marijuana Council (VMC), a group dedicated to educating and informing the people of Roaring Fork Valley about responsible use of medical and recreational cannabis.

Silverpeak history

Years ahead.

One of the very first licensed cannabis dispensary in the state,
Silverpeak has been serving Coloradans since 2009.

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